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Australian Piano Fair 2011 – Friday 15th July

I went to the Australian piano fair after work today after finding out that it was over 3 days including the Friday which I didn’t realize until I got to work, so not many photos for this day.

My goal is to check out all the grand pianos to figure out which one to save up for in the future.
I tried a number of grand pianos and they felt quite different from what i expected.

The first i tried was a Yamaha GB1K and it was a lot smaller than I imagined. The action was a bit more heavier than my Yamaha T121 and the sound was dull and muffled sounding. When I mentioned that to the Yamaha representative showing me the pianos, he agreed about the sound and mentioned I had good ears. He recommended me to try some of the higher end grands in the C series such as the C2, so I gave them a shot.

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Piano Sightreading

After starting to learn to read music on piano from my lessons and seeing some friends sightread various songs, I’ve realized that it is by far the best way to learn to play a song the fastest way possible without requiring the need to analyze the music for ages to decipher what the melody and chords are in the piece and how things fit together like I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve also realized that sightreading isn’t as easy as it sounds. After thinking about it for a while I came up with an analogy for sightreading which really helped me understand what is involved in performing the task.

It’s essentially like touch typing on PCs. That is a difficult enough task for most that use a computer. However, sightreading on piano is like reading 2 different lines of text at once and typing them out at the same time on each hand. But it gets more complicated than that, because, you also have to type at the correct timing and hold the keys down for the right amount of time.

Fortunately music isn’t totally random (I hope it isn’t!!) so the music being played can be simplified into recurring patterns. I guess that would be like typing words instead of typing individual letters.

So thinking about it in that way, even if you can touch type, it seems incredibly difficult to acquire this skill to play anything that you have the sheet music for.

Anyways, I’m now currently working on this as a goal to allow myself to play any song I have the music sheet for. I’m still in the early stages of learning to read music for piano, but so far can sightread the right hand melody part of music with a bit of trouble at times. I can’t really play both hands even at a slow pace as i’m still trying to identify the notes, but the reading exercises my teacher has given me are quite good at training me to overcome that gradually.

Australian Piano Fair

I went to the Australian Piano Fair at the Perth convention center this weekend as I heard of it from some piano related email subscription.

Recently I’ve been rather dissatisfied with the fake piano sound that my digital pianos use, so I have been quite tempted with the prospect of buying a real piano. The main problems I had with the digital pianos were that I wasn’t able to appreciate the songs I was playing as the sounds didn’t sound right (e.g. chords when playing blues songs) and I was not able to play on my teacher’s piano without having to spend a bit of time at the beginning getting used to the difference in the key action.

Anyways, since I have a holiday planned later in the year, I figured it wasn’t such a good idea to go to the piano fair, but I wanted to try playing on various brands and types of pianos (like the expensive grand pianos), so I ended up going. 😛

Tim room 161 

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Welcome to 萌えPiano

Hello, I am Tim, an Aussie who is a beginner currently learning piano. My goal is to be able to play songs I like from anime and video games. As I improve with piano, I plan to add more recordings to track my progress.