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Piano practice lately…

I’ve noticed in my piano practice journal app i use on my iPad that i have over 100 entries of things to practice. I tried to practice it all, but so far after 2 days, I still have plenty of different practice activities to go through before getting through the list sequentially. 

I’ve been concentrating on the most recent songs lately, so it’s almost been a month since i’ve played any of the others. If i don’t practice them soon, i’ll end up forgetting how to play them.  🙁

Fortunately not all of them are songs, but rather exercises or playing the same songs transposed or with different rhythms.

Kawai Gakufu Camera

I just tried the Gakufu camera app for iPhone released by Kawai.


I have downloaded it with my Japanese itunes account and it is really useful for me.

You can take a photo of a line of music and it will automatically identify the notes. You can then make corrections, select the key, choose whether it is in treble or bass clef, store the recognized music and even transpose it on playback.

To play the notes, you can either swipe across the notes or you can manually tap the rhythm on the play button.

I use it as a tool to help me train my rhythm for songs that i’m having trouble with. So I simplify things by taking out the difficulty of finding the right keys to play and focus on getting the rhythm right. Then when I have that figured out, I find I can play it better when I go back to the piano.

Piano Practice Progress

I have been using an app on my iPad called Music Journal to record my piano practice times, to identify what songs i’m neglecting and to make notes of my playing during the practice session.

I feel it’s making sure that I am doing my share of practice every day and helps identifies my weaknesses that I can work on the following practice sessions.

My playlist of songs indicating how recently i’ve played them.

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