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Hybrid Rainbow jam session

Over the easter break I did a few jam sessions with a guitar playing friend of mine. This is one of the songs we played.

For this one, it didn’t take very long to learn the chords, and I managed to play them in time quite reasonably after about 4-5 tries. I’ve learnt a lot from the jam session.

I found that counting was really important to keeping the parts in sync. Just playing by ear results in getting lost in the song and unable to recover quickly if you miss a note.

Also check out my friend’s cover of the song:


Tiny Boat after jam session practice

Over the easter break I did a few jam sessions with a guitar playing friend of mine. One of the songs we work on was Tiny Boat.

It took me a while to learn the chords (too many minor 7th chords!) and to figure out when to play them as we had no band score to work from for this particular song. I eventually managed to play it once without mistakes, but missed out on recording it! 🙁

Instead, this is just some after jam practice I did the day before perfecting it. The timing is quite a bit off in this take.


Piano practice

Last week, I uploaded some videos of myself practicing piano. I still can’t play anime or game songs yet, so I decided to play some of the songs that I liked the most from the Simply Music piano method that I’m learning. I haven’t uploaded all of the songs I can play yet, so I plan to set aside some time to record and upload the remaining songs.

I actually was recording myself play the piano at about midnight till 1am, so I was actually a bit tired but overall was quite happy with my performance. I did however feel intimidated by the camera. On the other hand, it actually helped me identify which songs I need to work on more as I ended up making some mistakes on some songs I thought I could play easily.

Fur Elise
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Simply Music

It’s been a while since I last posted. Lately I’ve been fairly occupied with work as well as some new hobbies that have been taking up quite a bit of my free time. One of those hobbies is music. A while back, I mentioned that I was self-teaching myself the piano and guitar. Well although for a while I kinda neglected it, I have started to concentrate on it recently by starting piano lessons with the goal of becoming able to play anime and video game songs like you often see people play on youtube. So far I’ve taken lessons for 6 months now and am quite enjoying it.

yamaha piano

It took a while to find a teacher for piano. There were suprisingly quite a few teachers a reasonable distance away from me, although it seems that most of them didn’t do hours after work or during weekends which made it very difficult for me to find a teacher. Fortunately out of recommendation from  another teacher, I managed to find a teacher who lives close by and could do lessons on weekends or in the evening. It seemed that all of the teachers close to where I live all teach based on a piano method called Simply Music.

A quick google of this piano method didn’t really bring up much information, but from reading up on it on the website and from a few Youtube videos, it looked like it was some new breakthrough piano method that seemed to promise that you’d be playing songs with both hands from your first lesson.

Of course I was skeptical about it, but given that I finally found a piano teacher, I decided to give it a go and was quite impressed with it. It seems that the piano method teaches you songs by using patterns to help you remember the songs, and gets you playing from both hands as advertised. The reading music process is delayed until later on in the Simply Music program and emphasis is put on technique built up from playing the songs in the playlist.


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