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KAWAI X140-D Keyboard

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the swapmeet hoping to find myself a cheap but good MIDI keyboard to practice on. Since I’m a beginner at the keyboard, I wanted to spend as little as possible on the hobby just in case I end up losing interest.

new spot piano keyboard new spot piano keyboard 2

Anyways, it rained on that Sunday morning, so the regular swapmeet spot that I usually went to was pretty deserted and there wasn’t anything much there, so I went to the more commercialised Sunday undercover markets in Canningvale which usually has more dealers than people trying to get rid of unwanted stuff.

keyboard side on

I ended up finding only one keyboard there after all the searching around. It was being sold by a dealer who was asking for $80AU for it, but after checking the keyboard to see if it worked and a bit of bargaining, I managed to get it for $55AU. As you can tell in the title, the brand of the keyboard is KAWAI, which I think is a good brand for keyboards. The keys have velocity sensitivity to change how loud or soft you play the keys. It seemed like I got a good bargain, until I found out that half the buttons on the panel didn’t work.

keyboard close up keyboard close up 2

I did try to open it up and fix the buttons, however despite my efforts, the buttons still refused to work after using some contact spray on the buttons and circuits. I was quite suprised how little is inside the plastic case.

opened keyboard 2

Fortunately, the bits that didn’t work were things I didn’t really need such as recording my songs, and some random special effects. Fortunately, the MIDI functionality was still working and after ordering a MIDI to USB cable from Ebay, I was successfully able to play midi files on my keyboard as well as use a few learning programs on the PC to help me learn the keyboard better.


One program I find particularly useful is called “Notes Attack” where you have to press the correct key on the keyboard to stop notes from flying to the left side of a music sheet staff.