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Figuring out the key to a song by ear

My technique of finding out the key by ear is based on something I saw on youtube. Essentially you loop the song you want to find the key of, then on the piano, play all of the notes one by one and decide if the note sounds sounds wrong in relation to the existing notes in the song (most likely because it’s not a note of the same key) or if it sounds okay.

Once you have identified enough notes that sound wrong in the song, you can start using that to figure out what notes should be sharpened or flattened to end up with the key of the piece.

I’ve only tried this once or twice but it did work for me.

Visual novel

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of composing because I’ve started a hobby project to make a simple visual novel game.

To do so, I am using the Onscripter game engine. I am drawing all the characters myself too. I have to cover all the facial expressions and poses so that I am able to express the character how I want to in any scene.

Most of my background pictures are taken from my trips to Japan with some effects applied to them.

Of course, the most important part of the visual novel apart from plot which I have yet to come up with, is the music.

To be able to set a particular mood for the scene, I need to think about composing background music that is happy, sad, scary, upbeat, suspense, exciting, amusing and so on. So far I have composed a couple of songs including one that is upbeat and a couple that is a slow pretty song that sounds good for perhaps an emotional scene.

You can find a couple of demos at:
Visual Novel Demo v1
Visual Novel Demo v2
Sample composition

Lately I’ve been trying to analyse existing music and one in particular that has caught my interest is scary music. I’ve been playing around with playing minor 2nd intervals and even figured out how to make a sound that sounds like someone screaming.

It would be amusing if someone asked you to play a song on piano and you’d play something that would leave everyone terrified. 🙂