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Typical piano practice

This is pretty much what my parents put up with everyday when I practice the piano. It’s a long video with me playing with all the mistakes included. I admit that I picked the more interesting songs from my song playlist for the video.
I use the iPad to tell me what songs I should practice. It shows me a list of songs I can play, tells me how recently I’ve practiced it and it can record how long I practice it for. So far I’m averaging about 1 hour of practice a day, although some days it’s a bit less.

My teacher started me on playing songs before learning to read, so I can play most songs from memory (about 1 hours worth), but need to practice every day so I don’t forget them. I’ve started reading music recently so I have been concentrating on quite a bit too.
As you can tell, the main song i’ve been practicing lately is Fur Elise as I learnt it fairly recently.


Fur Elise

This is the first part to Fur Elise that I learnt 3 weeks ago. I’ve noticed how chord based this piece is after learning it and noticing the broken chord patterns in the left hand.

I think I still need to work on this piece more, but since I hadn’t posted anything for a while, I decided to record it and post it.