KORG microPiano

When in Japan last year, on 28th December, I bought a KORG microPiano after trying one out at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. I gave it a go for few times and giving it some thought for a few days, I decided to buy it.

I was after a portable digital piano that I could take with me when I wanted to practice away from home or to do an informal jam session with friends.

It cost me 27500 yen, (about $300AU) so it was quite decently priced for it’s specs. I actually like the piano sound of this over my other two digital piano sounds.

Since there was a lack of reviews on the microPiano anywhere at the time, I recorded some videos of me playing various songs on it. It seems these videos have increased my youtube views quite a bit.

Alma mater blues by Neil Moore on KORG microPiano
I was testing the electric piano sound in the MicroPiano.

Canon chord progression on KORG microPiano
My Japanese friend taught me this chord progression while I was in Japan. He transposed the chord progression to C for me when he was teaching it to me.

Deep River on KORG microPiano
The song is Deep River by Neil Moore that I learnt from the Simply Music piano method.

Greensleeves on KORG microPiano
This seems to be one of my most popular videos on youtube.

Tear for a friend on KORG microPiano
I like this song. The song is Tear for a friend by Neil Moore that I learnt from the Simply Music piano method.

Higurashi – You intro on KORG microPiano
I was testing the damper pedal with the MicroPiano which worked great.

Although when playing this, I found it actually a bit difficult because of the key size. I had to be careful as I kept missing and sometimes also pressed the keys next the one I wanted to play.

The song is the intro part of “You” from the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni.

I think the microPiano is very good for my uses. The only issue is that I still find it hard to get used to the smaller key size and that the feet on the bottom of the piano can get loose and break off if you’re not careful when transporting it.

My piano tuner saw this and had a play on it when I got him to tune my acoustic piano. His impression was that it would be great practical joke to hook it up to a large speaker system and hide it behind some curtains while playing it for an audience and to have the curtains open to reveal the tiny piano.

It really does sound great for what looks like a toy. Also since everyone keeps asking, no it doesn’t have a midi or usb port.

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